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In March, Arnold Jewelers embarked on a remarkable journey of celebration, marking four decades of excellence in the Tampa Bay area. To commemorate this milestone, we launched an extraordinary 40th anniversary jewelry giveaway, offering our cherished community the chance to win over $40,000 worth of exquisite jewelry, luxury watches, and rare coins. The response was overwhelming, with participants eagerly submitting their entries for a chance to win throughout the entire month.

Week 1 Winners

Sandra and Christ win in the Arnold Jewelers 40th anniversary giveaway

The excitement started with our first week’s winners, Sandra and Chris, who were rewarded with stunning prizes. Sandra was delighted to receive a captivating GIA-certified emerald ring, while Chris celebrated his win of an Athens Tetradrachm coin, a piece of history to cherish for a lifetime.

Week 2 Winners

Jennifer and Justin win in the Arnold Jewelers 40th giveaway

As the giveaway continued into its second week, Jennifer and Justin emerged as the lucky recipients of our coveted prizes. Jennifer sparkled with joy upon winning heart-shaped diamond studs, a timeless symbol of elegance. Meanwhile, Justin was thrilled to add a Nubeo watch to his collection, seamlessly blending style and sophistication.

Week 3 Winners

Mike Rhonda and Ben win coins in the Arnold Jewelers 40th Anniversary giveaway

The momentum only grew stronger in the third week, with Ben and Mike claiming their well-deserved rewards. Ben’s prize, a Gold US Marshall coin, exemplified both prestige and heritage. Mike and his wife, Rhonda, celebrated his win of a 10-ounce Kookaburra silver bullion. This is a precious addition to any silver collection.

Week 4 Winners

Roseannd 40th anniverary winner od a 1715 shipwreck coinFinally, the anticipation peaked as we announced our grand prize winners in the last week of the giveaway. Roseanne was left speechless upon winning a rare 1715 Fleet shipwreck coin. This coin is a piece of history salvaged from the depths of the ocean.

Ms. Fritz’s excitement knew no bounds as they were bestowed with a timeless Rolex, a symbol of luxury and excellence.

Kely and his boys win an engagement ring from the Arnold Jewelers 40th anniversary giveaway

Last but not least, Camilla’s heart skipped a beat as her longtime Partner received an enchanting engagement ring, symbolizing a promise of love and commitment. He plans to propose most romantically in the future!

A Thank You to Our Community & Loyal Customers

As we reflect on this incredible journey, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the unwavering love and support from our community and customers. It is their trust and loyalty that has propelled Arnold Jewelers to new heights over the past four decades. We are deeply honored to have had the opportunity to give back, We express our heartfelt thanks through this unforgettable giveaway.

Arnold Jewelers in Tampa Family owned and operated

As we look ahead to the future, we remain committed to providing unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and service to our valued patrons. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Here’s to many more years of timeless elegance and enduring memories with Arnold Jewelers.

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