Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer II

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Pre-Owned Rolex Explorer II

Discover Limitless Exploration with Rolex Explorer II: Your Ultimate Companion in Timekeeping

Unleash your spirit of adventure with the legendary Rolex Explorer II, a timepiece designed for those who dare to explore the unknown. Delve into its captivating history, popular model numbers, and why this watch continues to captivate the hearts of enthusiasts and explorers worldwide.

What is a Rolex Explorer II?

This watch is an iconic tool watch crafted to meet the demands of intrepid explorers and globetrotters. Initially introduced in 1971 as a successor to the original Explorer, this timepiece offers exceptional functionality with a distinctive 24-hour hand and fixed bezel engraved with 24-hour markings. Its rugged design and dual-time capability make it an invaluable companion for adventurers traversing time zones and exploring the far reaches of the world.

Creation and Purpose

Rolex created the Explorer II with the specific needs of cave explorers and polar explorers in mind. These individuals often spend extended periods in environments where natural light is scarce. To address this challenge, the watch’s 24-hour hand operates independently, allowing wearers to distinguish between day and night hours regardless of their location. This unique feature proved indispensable in extreme conditions, solidifying the Rolex Explorer II’s reputation as a timekeeping tool for the boldest of explorers.

Popular Model Numbers of Rolex Explorer II

  1. Ref. 16570: This classic model was in production for nearly three decades, making it one of the most recognizable and sought-after references. With a 40mm case size and a choice of black or white dials, it strikes a balance between versatility and durability, making it a favorite among adventurers and watch enthusiasts alike.
  2. Ref. 216570: Introduced as a modern interpretation of the classic Explorer II, this model features a larger 42mm case and an upgraded 3187 movement. The vibrant orange 24-hour hand adds a splash of color, enhancing its appeal and legibility in low-light conditions. Its larger size and bolder design attract those who prefer a more contemporary aesthetic.

Comparing the Models

While both models offer exceptional performance and dual-time functionality, the key differences lie in their design and size. The Ref. 16570, with its timeless 40mm case and classic appearance, appeals to traditionalists and those seeking a more understated look. In contrast, the Ref. 216570 caters to modern tastes, featuring a larger case and a bold orange GMT hand that sets it apart.

Average Value of a Rolex Explorer II

The value of this model varies based on factors such as the specific model, its condition, and market demand. Generally, these timepieces are known for their enduring value retention due to their association with exploration, Rolex’s reputation for quality, and the continued interest from collectors and adventurers alike.

Embrace the Spirit of Exploration with Rolex Explorer II

Embark on a journey of limitless exploration with the Rolex Explorer II on your wrist. Engineered to accompany you through the most challenging terrains and time zones, this iconic timepiece offers unrivaled reliability, precision, and style. Browse our collection of Rolex Explorer II watches and seize the opportunity to own a timepiece that embodies the daring spirit of those who journey beyond the horizon. Discover the Rolex Explorer II that resonates with your adventurous soul and sets you on a course of perpetual exploration.