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Tampa Bay

    Why Should You Choose Arnold Jewelers of Tampa Bay to Sell Your Gold, Silver and Jewelry?

    • We offer fast payment – mailed within 24 hrs.
    • We pay 90% of current market gold and 80% of silver prices.
    • No hidden refinery fees.
    • 10-ounce minimum for selling Sterling Silver only.
    • No minimum for Selling Gold.
    • A physical store you can visit.
    • A friendly, knowledgeable staff.
    • A trusted name for over 40 years.
    • Family-owned and operated.
    • Better Business Bureau rated A + no complaints.
    • $15.00 shipping credit available.

    What We Are Paying for Gold and Silver in Tampa and Online

    Karat Pay Out Per Gram Pay Out Per Pennyweight Pay Out Per Ounce
    10kt $25.85 $40.20 $803.93
    14kt $35.84 $55.74 $1,114.81
    16kt $42.02 $65.34 $1,306.88
    18kt $46.48 $72.27 $1,445.48
    22kt $57.68 $89.70 $1,793.98
    24k Bullion $74.91 $116.48 $2,329.55

    Visit us in-store at 12293 Seminole Blvd Largo, Florida Or Sell Your Gold and Silver Online!

    We buy gold coins in Tampa

    What types of gold coins does Arnold Jewelers buy?

    At Arnold Jewelers, we are interested in purchasing a variety of gold coins from our clients. We accept popular coins such as the American Gold Buffalos, American Gold Eagles, Chinese Gold Pandas, St Gaudens Gold Double Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, South African Gold Krugerrands and more. Additionally, we are also interested in purchasing pre-1933 bullion gold coins. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to providing our clients with competitive offers and a hassle-free appraisal process. Whether you prefer to contact us online or visit our store, we are ready to assess the value of your gold coins and offer you generous cash in return.

    Where Can I Sell Gold Coins in Tampa and Online and Get Paid for Them?

    If you are wondering where to sell gold coins in Tampa and receive a fair payment for them, we’ve got you covered. For over 40 years, Arnold Jewelers has been a trustworthy gold buyer in Tampa and online. You can expect a high level of commitment and complete transparency when selling your gold coins for cash. When you choose Arnold Jewelers, you can rest assured that you will receive expert assistance regarding all aspects of your gold coins. Whether you possess modern gold coins, rare collectibles, or antique pieces, the team at Arnold Jewelers will provide you with exceptional professionalism and expertise. Their highly qualified numismatists, equipped with years of experience in authenticating and purchasing gold coins of various sizes, contents, and years of issue, will ensure the safety and authenticity of your bullion. Moreover, Arnold Jewelers offers top dollar for all the gold coins you have for sale. You can conveniently reach out to them online or visit their physical store in Largo for a free appraisal and a generous cash offer for your gold coins. Rest assured that their commitment to providing fair compensation for your gold coins will ensure you receive a decent payment when you choose to sell with them.

    What Types of Gold Bars Does Arnold Jewelers Buy?

    At Arnold Jewelers, we buy a wide variety of gold bars from reputable sources. Our accepted gold bar brands include PAMP bars, Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) bars, Perth Mint bars, Credit Suisse bars, Republic Metals (RMC) bars, and Istanbul Gold Refinery bars. Additionally, we also accept generic bars. Rest assured, we adhere to the highest standards when assessing your gold bars and offer fair compensation for your precious metals.

    3 gold bars 100g each
    We Buy and Sell Gold and Sell Silver. Gold jewelry in big pile.

    Find the Best Jewelry Store that Buys Gold Near You

    Unlock the Hidden Value of Your Old Jewelry

    Looking to Sell Gold and Sell Silver in Tampa Bay? Do you have broken or unwanted jewelry but want to get the most for it? At Arnold Jewelers in Tampa Bay, we not only sell jewelry wholesale to the public, but we also Buy jewelry, gold, and silver too. You can come to our store where we have buyers on staff all the time or you can use our mail-in service.

    Are you tired of holding on to old jewelry that just takes up space in your drawers? Did you know that those forgotten pieces could hold hidden value? You could turn your old jewelry into cash with the right knowledge and resources. You might ask yourself, “Where do I find the best jewelry store that buys gold near me?” Well, look no further. We have the inside scoop on unlocking the value of your old jewelry and finding the best jewelry store that buys gold near you. Don’t let your old jewelry go to waste, whether it’s a family heirloom or a piece you no longer wear. Instead, discover how easy it can be to turn it into something valuable. So, grab your jewelry box and let’s start this exciting adventure of unlocking hidden treasure in your old jewelry. Sell it to Arnold Jewelers!

    What Qualifies as Gold Scrap?

    How Does Selling it Contribute to the Environment?

    Gold scrap refers to any type of gold bullion, such as jewelry, bars, coins, watches, or dental scrap, that is damaged, unwanted, or no longer in use but can be recycled. It is important to note that only gold-filled pieces are considered as gold scrap, while items that are gold plated or have low gold content do not meet the criteria. When it comes to selling gold scrap, it’s essential to understand that the price per gram is typically lower than the spot price of gold. This is because the scrap gold needs to undergo a smelting process to extract the raw gold from it. Despite the slightly lower payout, selling gold scrap not only provides you with extra income but also contributes to the preservation of the environment.

    Gold mining is a chemical-intensive and destructive process. By selling gold scrap, you reduce the demand for new gold to be excavated from ores. This, in turn, helps to minimize the negative environmental impact caused by gold mining. By recycling gold through the sale of scrap, we can significantly reduce the need for further extraction, which involves harmful practices like deforestation, water pollution, and soil degradation.

    Overall, selling gold scrap is financially beneficial and environmentally responsible. It allows us to maximize the usage of existing gold resources while reducing the reliance on destructive mining practices. Consequently, by participating in the recycling and selling of gold scrap, individuals can positively impact both their financial well-being and the overall health of the planet.


    Over the long term, the price of gold has shown consistent appreciation, with an average annual rate of return of approximately 7.78%. This observation is based on the analysis of gold prices spanning from 1971 to 2022. Throughout this period, gold has exhibited a steady increase in value, highlighting its potential as a lucrative investment option.

    We ONLY accept:

    • precious metal jewelry
    • genuine precious gems
    • diamonds
    • broken gold
    • silver coins
    • gold coins
    • rare coins
    • rare currency
    • sterling silver flatware
    • designer jewelry
    • watches

    We do NOT purchase the following:

    Non-precious metals or item that are gold-filled, gold or silver plated, or gold electroplated, this includes items that are stamped 1/10, 1/20, GE, RGP, or HE as these are indicators items are filled or plated. This includes silver-plated flatware. Any of these items included will not be returned.

    If you are not sure what you have, please call us at 727-586-0414 or come on in the store and we would be happy to take a look at it for you.

    Non-precious metals or item that are gold-filled, gold or silver plated, or gold electroplated, this includes items that are stamped 1/10, 1/20, GE, RGP, or HE as these are indicators items are filled or plated. This includes silver-plated flatware. Any of these items included will not be returned.

    If you are not sure what you have, please call us at 727-586-0414 or come on in the store and we would be happy to take a look at it for you.

    Certainly! We would be happy to provide an estimate of your jewelry’s value over the phone. Additionally, you can utilize our Live Chat feature to directly communicate with one of our knowledgeable staff members for an estimate or any other inquiries you may have. Texting or emailing clear photos helps us to determine what we would pay for your item.

    Text Us Photos At: (727) 361-9103  Email Us Photos: [email protected]

    *Please note that the estimate is subject to change upon assessment of the item’s weight, condition, and authenticity when it is received in person.

    You must be at least (21) years of age to sell anything to Arnold Jewelers and also be the actual legal owner of any and all gold & diamond jewelry and other property sold or attempting to be sold to Arnold Jewelers. You must be acting on your own behalf and not as the agent or representative of any other person. Proof of identification will be required for all selling transactions.

    Yes! Stop by our store during our business hours Tuesday through Sunday 9am to 5pm to sell to Arnold Jewelers in Largo today!

    Don’t live in the Tampa Bay area? You can mail in your jewelry, coins, bullion or Rolex!

    You do not need to schedule an in-person buying consultation at Arnold Jewelers in Largo. Simply come in during our store hours, and our Numismatist, Gemologist, or Rolex specialist will take a look at your applicable items.

    We Buy:

    • Rolex
    • Gold & Silver
    • Coins
    • Diamonds
    • Vintage Jewelry
    • Jewelry
    • Trading Cards
    • Vintage Video Games
    • Comic Books
    • Paper Currency

    Once assessed, you will receive a written offer on the spot. Upon acceptance of the offer, you will receive payment immediately. We pay the most for gold, silver, coins, Rolex, and diamonds in the Tampa Bay Area.

    Get the Best Price for Your Jewelry, Coins, Rolex and Bullion!


    Whether you are mailing in your item or bringing it to us in person at our jewelry store in Largo, we guarantee your items will be safe and secure throughout the entire process.

    Mail In Items:
    We Buy Gold, Silver, Coins, Rolex, Trading Cards, Diamonds and more online.

    • Fill out the Online Mail-in form for Gold or Silver
    • Package up your goods and send them via mail! We will reimburse up to $15 of shipping costs
    • We will inspect your items, and you will receive a final offer.
    • Upon our offer, you will receive payment.
    • For our mail-in services, you can choose to have an immediate payment sent to you through PayPal, or we can send you a check.

    We do! We pay 90% and up for gold bullion. We are happy to show you how to calculate gold prices so you can do that math yourself and see that we are being honest. We pay the most for gold in Tampa. Need proof? We are so confident as gold buyers, that we often suggest that people shop around for prices.

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    Zack also helped me with my coin collection. He paid me $2,000 more than my other quotes.

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    I had an excellent experience selling an antique Atocha coin... Arnold Jewelers was responsive, fair, answered all my questions and paid promptly.

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