Arnold Jewelers cheerfully offers a lifetime upgrade for any diamond* you buy from us. If you are interested in upgrading, we’ll give you the full amount of your original purchase price towards the purchase of a new diamond* of greater value. We do not require you to double your money or double your carat weight, like most retailers. We keep it simple. If you buy a diamond today for $3,500 and in a year decide to trade it for a diamond that costs $4,500, you’ll only have to pay $1,000 (plus taxes).

Important Notes:

  • If your item was delivered with a diamond certificate and that certificate is not returned, a refund will not be made until the certificate is received in a timely manner. The loss of a diamond certificate will result in a non-returnable item.
  •  No upgrades on lab-grown, clarity-enhanced, or outsourced diamonds.
  • Engagement Ring upgrades must have purchased the diamond and setting from Arnold Jewelers to qualify for the lifetime warranty. If you supplied your own diamond, it doesn’t qualify.

*(+ tax on the balance).


At Arnold Jewelers we guarantee all of our diamonds to be conflict-free and only partake in business with other companies who guarantee the same. You can rest assured during your purchase that all diamond dealings have been completed legitimately, safely, and following regulations.


Arnold Jewelers guarantees the quality of every diamond* sold at our establishment which is why 90% of the diamonds we sell come certified with a non­disputable GIA diamond grading or dossier report. That is why we confidently give each and every customer a full 30-day money-back guarantee, not store credit, on the purchase of a diamond*. If you are not satisfied or have been misrepresented on your diamond quality we happily will correct the issue. You won’t find that same assurance from dealers who do not own the diamonds they are selling. We want you to be delighted with your purchase, not stuck with it.

*Applies to loose diamonds, diamond solitaires, and diamond studs. Does not apply to mountings or diamond fashion jewelry.


At Arnold Jewelers we offer free lifetime cleaning and inspections on every piece of jewelry* purchased for over $4,000. This includes reapplying the rhodium coating on all white gold jewelry. All jewelry items must be inspected every 6 months to maintain the cleaning warranty (see enclosed cleaning log). Missing a cleaning will breach the maintenance contract. Arnold Jewelers will also replace up to (five) accent diamonds (0.10ct or smaller) that may fall out from wear on diamond engagement settings, wedding bands, and fashion jewelry if checked and maintained every 6 months.

On occasion, we may recommend additional repairs to parts of a jewelry piece to protect your item from loss or damage. In the event that such repairs are needed, you will receive a quote for the service and possible required parts.

Important Notes:

  • All estate and vintage items are covered with a 30-day warranty.
  • *Jewelry purchase excludes Rolex watch sales.
  • Not valid on Sale items


Arnold Jewelers sells only the highest quality of pre­owned Rolex watches. All of our watches are carefully inspected inside and out to ensure every working part is 100% genuine & produced by Rolex USA. If within 10 days of the purchase you have it inspected by an authorized Rolex distributor or service center, and they document this not to be the case, we will offer you a 100% refund of your purchase.


With every Pre-Owned Rolex purchase your watch will come with a 1 or 2-year warranty on the movement of the watch, time frame specified at the time of purchase, and disclosed on your sales receipt. If your watch is not running up to your standards, just bring it in and we will adjust and clean it included in your sale. After the warranty laps, we will still be happy to accommodate all your service needs in-house and at discounted prices, with estimates given prior to work being completed.


At Arnold Jewelers we cheerfully offer both a lifetime upgrade and downgrade policy as well as a buy-back policy on your pre-owned Rolex watch purchased in our store. If you are looking to trade your Rolex watch back in towards a different watch we allow 80-­90% of the original purchase price of your Rolex watch towards any other Rolex watch. If there is a credit left in your favor on a downgrade of your watch we will issue you a company check for the balance. If you are looking to sell your Rolex watch that you purchased from Arnold Jewelers, we will buy it back* for a maximum of 80% of the original sale price, depending on the overall condition of the current state of the watch.

*Based on Supply and Demand and Market Value

We Guarantee Your Pre-Owned Rolex Purchase With Arnold Jewelers