How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

How to upgrade diamond ring
How to upgrade diamond ring

Upgrading an engagement ring is a sentimental journey many embark on to commemorate significant milestones or evolving tastes. We understand people’s profound connection with their engagement rings and the desire to enhance that symbol of love over time. Join us as we answer the whys and hows of upgrading your engagement ring.

Is It OK to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

Absolutely! Many people upgrade their ring for a variety of reasons and have been doing so for centuries. Life is a journey marked by growth, milestones, and evolving tastes, and your jewelry should be a reflection of those changes. Whether you’re celebrating a significant anniversary, achieving a personal milestone, or simply wanting to refresh the design, upgrading allows you to keep this symbol of love in harmony with your current preferences. In fact, the possibilities for upgrading are as diverse as the reasons behind it.

Ten Ways You Can Elevate Your Engagement Ring:

#1 Diamond/Stone Upgrade

Enhance the centerpiece with a larger or more exquisite diamond or gemstone to make a bold statement. We often see many customers choosing to change the cut and shape of their diamonds, along with the size! Looking for an upgrade in clarity or color? That is also an excellent way to level up your ring!
Did You Know: Exceptional jewelry stores offer amazing upgrade policies on diamonds. For example, here at Arnold Jewelers, we offer a lifetime upgrade for any diamond you buy from us. If you want to upgrade, we’ll give you the full amount of your original purchase price towards purchasing a new diamond of greater value.

#2 Customized Setting

Opting for a customized wedding setting is an exceptional choice for those seeking a truly unique and meaningful expression of their love story. Every couple is distinct, and their journey together is one-of-a-kind. Choosing a customized wedding setting allows you to infuse your personal style, preferences, and shared memories into the design, creating a piece of jewelry as special as your relationship. This approach ensures that your ring is not only a symbol of commitment but also a reflection of your individuality and the journey you’re embarking upon together.

#3 Add Accent Stones

Are they attached to your center stone or don’t have the budget to upgrade it just yet? Have a simple setting and want something with a little more bling? Incorporate additional stones into the band or setting for glamour and sophistication. In addition, this will give your ring that extra sparkle that you are looking for, and will completely change the look of the ring! This budget-friendly option is a great alternative to give your ring the extra pop it craves.

3 carat diamond ring with diamond accented setting
3 carat diamond ring with diamond accented setting

#4 Metal Upgrade

Switching to a different metal, like platinum or rose gold, can breathe new life into your ring. The year 2023 was the time for yellow gold, but 2024 is screaming for white gold to take center stage. Whatever color metal you choose, enhancing your ring setting in this way gives it a fun new look without breaking the bank!

#5 Personalize with Engraving

Want to add even more sentimental value to your ring? Personalizing your ring with meaningful engravings. Our clients love to add wedding dates, their partners initials, and even a special message to their rings. This level of personalization is a unique way to say ‘I love you” with a sweet upgrade they will cherish forever.

#6 Vintage-Inspired Redesign

Transform your ring into a vintage masterpiece, drawing inspiration from classic eras. Is she a fan of the Art Deco era? Is Edwardian more his style? Do they LOVE the Retro look? Re-designing a ring with their favorite era in mind is the perfect custom look they’ll talk about for years to come!

Art Deco .45ctw Diamond Picture Frame Engagement Ring Platinum
Art Deco Engagement Ring .45ctw Diamond Picture Frame Platinum

#7 Enhanced Band Design

Want to keep your engagement ring as is, but still want to bolster its bling? Opt for an intricately designed band to add texture and visual interest. Bling out your wedding band or add a ring enhancer. Selecting the perfect band for your engagement ring is a crucial step in creating a timeless and harmonious piece of jewelry.  Consider the metal type carefully, whether it’s the classic elegance of platinum, the warm glow of gold, or the contemporary appeal of white gold. The band’s style is equally important – from sleek and modern to intricate and vintage-inspired, the design should complement both the center stone and your personal taste. Pay attention to details like engraving, filigree, or pave settings, as they can add an extra layer of sophistication. Choose a band that complements your lifestyle, ensuring durability and comfort for everyday wear.

#8 Stackable Bands

Create a trendy and versatile look by adding stackable bands that complement your engagement ring. Stacking bands allow you to express your individual style by mixing and matching various bands, creating a customized and dynamic look. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach with a single delicate band or a bolder statement with multiple bands showcasing different gemstones, metals, or designs, the possibilities are endless.

This trend not only allows for personalization but also provides flexibility for future celebrations or milestones, as you can add or rearrange bands to commemorate special moments. Arnold Jewelers specializes in curating a stunning collection of stacking bands, ensuring that each piece seamlessly enhances your engagement ring, transforming it into a distinctive and ever-evolving symbol of your enduring love.These stackable bands can be added to as gifts for every special occasion. This will ensure a timeless gift that pairs well with their ring!

Edwardian Inspired .07 ctw Diamond Floral & Milgrain Wedding Band 14k White Gold Stack

#9 Colorful Gemstones

Enhance the allure of your engagement ring by incorporating colorful gems as accent stones. This trend adds a unique touch but also carries a myriad of benefits. Beyond the traditional brilliance of diamonds, colored gemstones bring a vibrant and personalized element to your ring, symbolizing individuality and uniqueness. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other vivid gems can be chosen to represent personal preferences, birthstones, or significant meanings, making the ring a truly bespoke expression of love.

Additionally, the use of colored gemstones allows for creative and eye-catching designs, adding a pop of color to the overall aesthetic. At Arnold Jewelers, we specialize in crafting custom engagement rings that seamlessly integrate colorful gems as accent stones, creating timeless and meaningful pieces that reflect the distinct style and story of each couple. Elevate your engagement ring to new heights by embracing the beauty and symbolism of vibrant gemstone accents.

Diamond Ceylon Sapphire Engagement Ring
Diamond Ceylon Sapphire Engagement Ring

#10 Upgrade Your Diamond to a GIA-Certified Gem

Upgrading your diamond to a GIA-certified gem offers a multitude of benefits that elevate the overall quality and value of your precious stone. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is renowned for its rigorous standards and unbiased evaluation, providing an internationally recognized certification that assures the authenticity and quality of the diamond. Futhermore, a GIA certification includes detailed information on the diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, offering transparency and confidence in your purchase. This certification not only enhances the resale value of the diamond but also ensures that you possess a gemstone of exceptional quality.

2.89 ctw GIA Certified Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold 143
2.89 ctw GIA Certified Round Brilliant Diamond Engagement Ring 14k White Gold

How Often Should You Upgrade Your Engagement Ring?

Determining how often to upgrade your engagement ring is a highly personal decision. It varies from person to person based on individual preferences, lifestyle changes, and evolving tastes. There’s no set timeframe for upgrading. It largely depends on the milestones you celebrate and the significance you attach to your jewelry. In fact, some may choose to upgrade on milestone anniversaries, while others may opt for changes as their personal style evolves.

A Gift as Timeless As Your Love

At Arnold Jewelers, we understand that the frequency of upgrades is subjective. Our expert team is here to assist you whenever you decide it’s time for a change. Whether it’s to mark a significant life event or simply to refresh the look of your cherished piece, we’re dedicated to helping you navigate the decision-making process. We will ensure your upgraded engagement ring remains a timeless and meaningful symbol of your enduring love. Let us help you create a piece of jewelry that evolves with you. At Arnold Jewelers, we are committed to assisting you in this transformative journey. Ensure that your upgraded ring truly reflects your personal style and the milestones you’ve achieved together.

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