Statement Earrings

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Statement Earrings

What are statement earrings?

Think of Statement Earrings as the main event! They are big, bold, and beautiful. They are headliners that will garner the spotlight. These earrings are meant to stand out, so they have brilliant colors or big designs that catch the eye. They are a fun fashion accessory that everyone should have as a staple in their jewelry box!

How do you wear them?

These earrings can be worn in many different ways. The most dramatic pop is when they are worn with neutral, basic colors and clothes. These give the earrings a spotlight that adds a funky, fresh vibe to your clothes.

Many people do enjoy wearing them with bold and loud clothing! They continue the ‘walk the runway’ vibe with their beautiful design, seemingly flowing well into the clothing.

However you wear these earrings, they certainly will make a statement everywhere you go! Looking to add to your jewelry box? Shop at Arnold Jewelers for our unique jewelry!