What month is the Emerald Birthstone? May!

Zambian Emerald Ring Art Deco
Zambian Emerald Ring Art Deco Inspired

Ever heard someone ask what month is the Emerald Birthstone? If you are a May baby, you already know your birthstone is the precious green emerald. In this blog post, we will dive into the fascinating world of emeralds, including their properties, history, and characteristics. We’ll also explore why emeralds are the birthstone of May and what makes them so unique and special. So if you’re ready to learn everything there is to know about emeralds, keep reading on!

The History of Emeralds

Emeralds have a rich history that dates back to ancient times. The first emeralds were likely mined in Egypt and prized for their beauty and rarity. The Incas and Aztecs of South America also revered the gemstone and believed it had mystical powers. Emeralds were also popular among the Mughal emperors of India, who wore them in their crowns and jewelry.

Vibrant GIA Certified 9.05 Carat Natural Columbian Emerald with .94 ctw Diamond Halo Ring 14k Two Tone Gold
Vibrant Natural Columbian Emerald and Diamond Ring
MEASUREMENT: Design North to South 1″
WEIGHT: 8.5 Grams
GEM: GIA Certified Natural Columbian Emerald 9.05 Carats & Round Brilliant accent Diamonds 0.94ctw

Where Do Emeralds Come From?

Emeralds are a variety of mineral beryl, and their distinctive green color comes from trace amounts of chromium and vanadium. This gives emeralds a unique shade of green that ranges from light, almost yellowish-green, to a rich, deep forest green. Emeralds are typically found in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, and Zambia, and these locations are known for producing the world’s finest emeralds.

Natural 2.52ctw Emerald & Diamond Dangle Earrings 14K Yellow Gold
Natural 2.52ctw Emerald & Diamond Dangle Earrings 14K Yellow Gold

Are Emeralds OK for Daily Wear?

One of the most striking properties of emeralds is their durability and hardness. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, emeralds rank at a 7.5 – 8, which makes them fairly durable. This makes them a popular gemstone for use in engagement rings and other jewelry that will be worn frequently.

It’s best to take emeralds off when doing common chores like washing the dishes, gardening, and showering. They are durable but not as tough as diamonds, requiring extra love and thought when caring for them. Emeralds are also sensitive to heat, so storing them in a cool location like a jewelry box inside your house is best for caring for these vivid green gemstones.

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Wearing Emeralds as Birthstone Jewelry

Emerald jewelry is a true fashion statement, and wearing pieces with this birthstone is a way to make a statement while representing your birth month at the same time. Emeralds are often paired with diamonds or other gemstones to create an even more stunning piece of jewelry. A diamond and emerald ring or pendant is the perfect gift for a May baby or any lover of green gemstones.

GIA 12 Carat Emerald Diamond Platinum Bracelet Hand
GIA 12 Carat Emerald Diamond Platinum Bracelet Hand

Do Emeralds Hold Their Value?

Regarding investment, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires are some of the top-colored gems that retain value. Emeralds are a popular pick for many gift-givers as it represents the month of May birthstone. It’s also the suggested jewelry gift for the 20th Anniversary. An emerald is a solid choice of investment when it comes to buying fine jewelry with colored gemstones.

Emeralds are a fascinating and beautiful gemstone, and their connection to May makes them all the more special. From their unique properties to their rich history, emeralds are truly one of a kind. If you are a May baby or love green gemstones, consider adding a piece of emerald jewelry to your collection. It’s a way to showcase your personality and style while representing your birth month at the same time.

Shine Bright With Green Emeralds!