Why Did November Birthstone Change?

November Birthstone Citrine earrings

Unveiling the Dual Gems of November

You might wonder why November birthstones changed or why there are two now. November is a month marked by the crisp fall air and vibrant autumn colors. It is also distinguished by not one, but two birthstones: Topaz and Citrine. In this blog, we’ll delve into these gemstones’ intriguing history, properties, and significance to shed light on this fascinating evolution.

Topaz: A Gem of Ancient Origins

Romantic 5.11ct Blue Topaz and Diamond Ring with flowers in background

Properties of Topaz:

Topaz is a versatile gemstone that comes in a range of colors, from orange, blue, yellow, and pink. The deep blue shades, such as London blue and Swiss blue, are most commonly associated with November. The name Topaz comes from the Sanskrit word “Tapas,” which translates to fire, due to their fiery orange-red and sometimes blue flame-like colors.


On a spiritual level, this stunning gemstone is associated with the throat chakra, known for aiding communication and self-expression. Topaz commonly symbolizes calmness, wisdom, and effective communication.

Also, it ranks 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it a durable and ideal choice for jewelry. This gemstone is a popular choice for engagement rings, pendants, and statement necklaces.

History of this Gemstone:

Topaz has a long and storied history dating back to ancient times. In ancient Egypt, Topaz was associated with the sun god Ra and was believed to offer protection and strength to its wearer. It was a popular choice for royals and high-ranking officials in ancient times. Cleopatra herself was rumored to have adorned herself with topaz. In the Middle Ages, Topaz was believed to dispel magic charms and prevent sudden death.

Citrine: The Stone of Sunshine

3.13ctw Citrine Ring with Diamond accents
3.13ctw Citrine Ring with Diamond accents

Properties of Citrine:

Citrine is a variety of quartz that radiates a warm, golden glow reminiscent of a sun-kissed autumn day. Citrine is a yellow to golden-brown gemstone that radiates in the sunlight. It is often associated with positive energy, symbolizing joy, and abundance.

Citrine ranks 7 on the Mohs scale, making it durable for everyday wear. It is popularly found in rings, bracelets, and earrings. Its beautiful colors are most fashionable in the spring, summer, and fall seasons.

History of this Gem:

Citrine’s name derives from the French word “citron,” meaning lemon, reflecting its lemony hues. Throughout history, it has been associated with wealth and prosperity. Ancient cultures believed that Citrine carried the energy of the sun, bringing warmth and positivity into the wearer’s life. Egyptians wore this precious gem as talismans, while the Greeks loved carving intricate patterns into this stone.

The Evolution of November Birthstones

Historically, Topaz was the sole birthstone for November. However, as part of the evolving birthstone tradition, Citrine was introduced as an alternative birthstone to offer more choices to November-born individuals. This change provided a sunny counterpart to Topaz, allowing people to choose between the calming blues of Topaz and the warm, golden hues of Citrine.

Flower Swiss Blue Topaz Solitaire Dangle Pendant 14K Yellow Gold 5.0 Grams
Flower Swiss Blue Topaz Solitaire Dangle Pendant 14K Yellow Gold ~ 5.0 Grams ~

Furthermore, the decision to include both Topaz and Citrine as November birthstones recognizes the diversity and individuality of people born in this month. While Topaz conveys qualities of wisdom and communication, Citrine embodies positivity and abundance. Together, they represent the multifaceted nature of November and offer a wider range of options for those seeking meaningful birthstone jewelry.

Warm Citrine Calla Lily Flower Ring 14K Yellow Gold
Warm Citrine Calla Lily Flower Ring 14K Yellow Gold

In conclusion, the introduction of Citrine alongside Topaz as November birthstones was a thoughtful evolution that honors the rich history and properties of both gems. Whether you resonate with the calming blues of Topaz or the warm radiance of Citrine, these dual birthstones offer a unique opportunity to celebrate your November birthday with a gemstone that truly reflects your personality and preferences.