Are Precious Metals a Solid Investment?

man stacking gold bullion bars in pyramid


Most people think of jewelry and luxurious items when it comes to precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum, but did you know that many of the products you use every day contain precious metals?

Chances are you own at least one thing that plugs into the wall or runs off a battery. This means that precious metals are officially entwined in your daily routine. Have a cell phone in your pocket or purse? These popular communication gadgets are literally everywhere, and they all use components of gold and silver to function correctly.

So, does that mean everyone is carrying around a gold mine? Not exactly. Individual phones only carry a tiny amount of precious metals but the amount of cell phones that are manufactured each causes the demand for precious metals to increase constantly.

Cell phone in users hand
Every day you hold or use something containing precious metals without readily knowing, IE: a cellphone.



With the increase of technological advances in today’s society, precious metals are being used more than ever. Ever witnessed a sleek Tesla or shiny, new BMW I8 driving down the highway or parked in a specialized charging spot in a downtown garage? The ever-popular electric motor cars we see today use large quantities of silver to help power these vehicles. Soon these cars will use platinum to help extend the battery life and mileage range so that these electric vehicles can go the distance.

While the electric vehicle market increases yearly, oil-driven transportation will be replaced over time. Starting to see how metals will be a hot commodity in the production of vehicles?

Vehicles are not the only things powered by these metals. Solar panels are now a trending conversation topic that many new homeowners are considering. Imagine millions of homes converting to solar panels and straying away from traditional electric service. But what does this mean for these metals? Well, those panels use large quantities of silver to conduct the heat into energy.

We are talking about the same silver that can be purchased from both large and small bullion dealers such as Arnold Jewelers for personal investments. It is highly unlikely that you will ever be using your private stash of bullion for building cars and solar panels; it’s safe to say that the demand for precious metals will rise exponentially in the future.

Smart investments in these metals markets now make for a strong foundation for a successful future.

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